Our Manifesto

FLUFF YOU! Hyped-up society, exaggeration, we don’t know what we mean, We complain about machines stealing our jobs, but have stopped understanding where we’re heading. We think we can solve ignorance through buzzwords. Big fluffy, FluFFed-up buzzwords. FluFFed-up bitcoin FluFFed-up design thinking FluFFed-up artificial intelligence FluFFed-up sustainability FluFFed-up innovation What do they mean? What do they do? Let’s back up. Stop. Rewind. Wake up. Fluff bitcoin! Unfluff the blockchain, ledgers and smart contracts Look beyond what’s on the headlines. Fluff design thinking! Unfluff insights and user needs, Why SPECULATE if we can create? Fluff artificial intelligence! Unfluff data, algorithms and LOgic. Don’t blindly believe, but understand, shape and envision. Fluff sustainability! Unfluff reusability and long TERM Let’s design Systems, their inputs and outputs. Fluff innovation! Unfluff root causes, methodology and prototypes Break down knowledge, disciplines and silos! Fluff your comfort zone and your prejudices! It’s time to challenge everything you think you know. Stop wasting your time designing pretty things And start To understand the whole system It’s time to think beyond the obvious and immediate. To collaborate. move forward. Hit play. Wake up, stop hoping someone else will.

Power of X

Power of X is a self driven league of Global Innovation Designers (GID). Power of X spent a month in Bangkok immersed in learning emerging technologies in an effort to understand how we as the new wave of designers can better take advantage and bring our perspective in to these conversations proliferating in society. During the process of investigating the intricacies of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain, it became very apparent that there was a high entry level barrier to understanding them. This prompted the design of a tangible toolkit to help others like us better understand them, Power of X’s first project.

FLOW by Power of X is a design facilitated methodology to help designers, individuals and businesses alike to better understand digital and information technologies. The aim of this methodology and kit is to enable the technology, and allow innovation to occur within their organisations or practice. This proprietary tool kit will adapt to incorporate new discoveries as they emerge.

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Flow by Power of X
Rapid by Power of X

RAPID by Power of X [BETA] is a novel on demand prototyping service. With the power of AI we will transform your ideas, sketches and flows into functioning high-fidelity prototypes delivered to your door. Become a Beta tester, just drop us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.


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